Booking an Event as an Host

If you wish to host an event, or a market, provided by Savoir-Fayre or one of our sub-contracted Market Operators, you only need to follow these 5 simple steps to enable us to deliver your ideal event.

  • Step one: Register with us as an Event Host and submit your details. We will send you a password which will give you access to your own private section.
  • Step two: Login (top righthand corner) with your email address and the allocated password, click on ‘Add Event’ and fill in the form provided. Then click on Save and Submit.
  • Step three: Once we have contacted you and arranged for a comprehensive site survey, we will complete the booking form and submit it for your approval. You will then have access, via your private section, to a full management plan, complete with risk assessment, market layout, all necessary legal documentation etc.
  • Step four: As soon as we have agreed the event details, the event will be submitted to our traders to invite their participation. During the booking process you will have access to all the traders details, including pictures of their stalls, descriptions of the products they sell, relevant health and safety documents, and proof of their licences and public liability insurance cover. At this point you may, if you wish, specify any particular requirements or preferences you have regarding which type of traders should apply for your event.
  • Step five: Your event will be publicised on our website and advertised to the public, showing the agreed list of traders who will attend the event and advertising material provided.

Last step: We deliver the event while you sit back, relax and enjoy!

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