Services Provided

Our operation management facility is comprehensive and includes, among other things, street closure, crowd control, power supply, rubbish disposal, a market manager, overnight security, and fencing and cable management.

We also have full knowledge of all the relevant licensing laws, including the London Act 1990, Street Trading Act, Chartered Market Right etc.

Our market layouts always take consideration of highway restrictions, traffic visibility and flow, public access and regress, emergency exits, fire engine access, pedestrian flow and shopkeeper deliveries.

Other Services

Savoir-Fayre offer the following additional services, as and when they are needed:

Total Event Management.
The event will be managed entirely by Savoir-Fayre and its appointed contractors, including all the organisation of entertainment, stages, marquees, stalls, advertising and promotion, crowd control, health and safety, compliance with bylaws etc. The fee for this service depends on the scale of the event and is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information.

Provision of Traders Only
If you’d like to manage and operate the market yourselves but wish to use our database, website, and booking system to find the best, quality-assured traders for your event, we’re happy to help, price vary with the size of the event.

Regular Market Operation
We manage and operate a number of permanent or semi-permanent markets for local authorities. If you work for a local authority and wish to contract-out the management and running of some/all of your markets, please contact us directly.

Market Consultancy
If you’re an operator and would like to improve, assess or redevelop your market, we can do that too. With 15 years’ experience of organising feature markets in over 250 cities throughout the UK and Ireland, we have a great store of insider knowledge and experience to share with you.

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