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Choosing the best market operator and and building a long-term relationship with them is also a vital ingredient for the ongoing success of your market events and thus high street regeneration. The public identifies a market with its location and theme (for example, the ‘Bristol French/Green/Farmers Market’) and generally have no idea who is operating it. It has occasionally happened, therefore, that we have organised a very good and successful feature market which was then followed by a mediocre one, on a similar theme but organised by another operator, and this sadly impacted badly on our subsequent market in the same area and therefore made it hard to persuade our quality traders to return in the future.


Specialty/Feature Markets have a proven track record in attracting large numbers of the public and creating significant new footfall. However, their repeatability is not guaranteed. In our experience, they can generally only visit a town so often before becoming too predictable. Therefore, if you choose to host several Speciality/Feature Markets during the same year and in the same location, we strongly advise that you differentiate them with changing themes and a significantly different range of products available in each.


We have found that visual advertising in public places is the way to advertise this type and size of event most effectively. We can both supply and erect vertical banners on appropriate lamp columns to publicise and promote your event. Whilst our system is safe and has been tested and approved by councils and street lighting contractors, it usually requires individual authorisation by the relevant district council or county council. In our experience it is always best if the banner-request is made by a TCM, department of the council, the event host or a local association. Most of our events form part of high street regeneration programmes. It is important for local councils to understand that, in order to help their high street shopkeepers, the event has to be advertised just as widely as possible. This then encourages the public to make a point of attending and, once there, they can rediscover what their independent local shops have to offer. However, if a market is badly advertised and only caters to existing high street customers, then instead of benefitting local shop-keepers it may actually be detrimental to their turnover.

Quality control

All traders and market operators registered on this website are vetted by Savoir-Fayre and must meet the high standards and quality we are known for. Also traceability is made easier with permanent access to your past or future events.


At Savoir-Fayre we are delighted to join any recycling or ‘green policy’ you may have in place. We also encourage all our traders to use low-energy appliances and 100% compostable packaging whenever this is possible. Data protection

Please note that traders details are the property of Savoir-Fayre and must not be shared with any member of public, passed on to third parties, or be used for any other purpose than that directly related to an event organised, operated or promoted by Savoir-Fayre. Traders’ details must not be used by the event host, or any third party, to organise any other event without prior and specific written consent from a Director of Savoir-Fayre Contact Us:

Telephone: 0845 649 0120

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