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I first got involved with French Markets in 1999 when, as a novel and alternative way of shopping in a strong economy, they quickly became very successful. It was then I discovered that I am passionate about good markets and the much more personal and exotic shopping experience they can offer to the public.

Whilst a market is primarily a trading place where the punter can find and taste interesting and unusual products and possibly find a bargain too, it's also a place where producers and importers can be directly involved with their customers, as stallholders. It's also a social environment where the public can browse at their leisure, ask questions, relax, chat, meet/take friends and family for a day out, and enjoy the buzz.

A good market should be lively and full of colour, interest and fun, and they are needed now more than ever as they can both brighten and revive dull town centres and offer a unique opportunity for new entrepreneurs, to start up in business, with very little investment.

Shortly after organising my first market, I discovered I have a dream: to provide the very best, most entertaining, interesting, high-quality and value-for-money markets, and to help steer this age-old form of trading into the 21st Century with professional expertise, efficiency, style and flair.

So what makes a good Market?

To achieve a truly great market both parties, management and traders, have distinct roles and responsibilities. I've laid down what I see these to be below, and they reflect Savoir Fayre's company policy and my own approach to market management.

Roles and Responsibilities of Market Management:

  • To provide an excellent selection of stalls
  • To have tempting, intriguing and delicious takeaway food stalls to keep the public on-site
  • To monitor and limit the competition between stalls (by avoiding duplicating stalls and the products they offer)
  • To advertise the event as widely as possible
  • To fill the market with the right selection of stalls and goods, in accordance with the resident demographic and their expectations
  • To ensure there is minimal disruption to local residents and businesses
  • To provide easy customer access and exit
  • To guarantee a safe and secure environment for stallholders and customers
  • To ensure the layout of the stalls is carefully thought through to offer all our traders equal opportunities wherever possible
  • To provide as many back-up services to our traders as possible, including power, rubbish collection, trading licenses, overnight security etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of Traders:

  • To have unique or unusual, quality products on offer
  • To present their stalls as beautifully and enticingly as possible
  • To be polite and helpful with all customers
  • To be clean and tidy and keep and leave their pitches clear of all rubbish
  • To have reasonable prices and offer value-for-money
  • To observe relevant legislation and comply with Savoir Fayre regulations
  • To respect the trading hours and set-up and dismantle on time
  • To provide all necessary documents upon request
  • To have safe and well-maintained equipment
  • To park their vehicle in an appropriate location where it won't impede market flow or other traffic
  • To abide by any restriction that a specific location requires
  • To always be courteous when dealing with other traders and all market or council officials

When all the above is achieved, the market is half-way to being a great success for everyone involved. The other 50% depends on the choice of location, time of year and, of course, the British weather!

I always do my utmost to ensure that all the market-management roles and responsibilities are completely fulfilled, and I expect the same commitment, energy and enthusiasm from our traders.

This new website is part of our market-management development programme. It offers a unique transparency to traders, customers and councils, and is designed to attract only the most professional and wholehearted of traders, and secure all the most lucrative and rewarding locations.

If you are a dedicated market trader and agree with all of the above, please take this opportunity to register with us immediately. It's free, easy to do, and can only boost your market income. We are particularly interested in adding 'authentic products' stall holders and producers for our Craft market and our Best of British market. Any award-winning products from the the UK or Europe will, of course, be especially welcome.

"I would like to be a modern-day Robin Hood, taking a generous slice of the consumer market from the big corporations and handing it over to the small, independent traders instead. Because, believe me, the Sheriff is rarely, if ever, on the little guy's side!"

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